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NFL Draft quick thoughts

I believe Steve Young is still yapping, but I’ll jump right in:

*Ryan Matthews will be Offensive ROY. Should be the feature back on a good team right away.

My pick for Offensive ROY: Ryan Matthews

*Along those lines, Derrick Morgan will be Defensive ROY. Another talented, polished player stepping into a good team who will use him right away.

*Gerald McCoy was the best dressed player I saw. Big man with a stylish suit and nice specs.

*Colt McCoy will be the best QB from this draft. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

*Speaking of QBs, Tim Tebow will be a bust, making his hour-long interview with Jeremy Schaap that much more of a waste of time.

My pick for Defensive ROY: Derrick Morgan

*Trading down (see: Patriots, Dolphins, Vikings) can be a good idea. Unless you’re the Denver Broncos. Then it’s just a puzzling idea.

*Kyle Wilson and/or Dez Bryant will be the biggest value pick, long-term.

*I think Jimmy Clausen ends up with the Cleveland Browns at 38.

*I like having the draft on a Thursday in prime-time. I dislike ESPN showing the players’ reactions 10 minutes before the pick is made.

*I’m looking forward to rounds 2-7.


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…such a point of sensitivity where shock jocks get suspended for poking fun at an outfit?

Such was the fate for ESPN’s Tony Kornheiser, who was shelved for some comments he made about fellow ESPN employee Hannah Storm’s outfit.

Now I understand that it’s mean to pick on someone’s wardrobe. It’s even meaner, perhaps, to pick on a co-worker. Especially publicly, like Kornheiser did on his radio show. But that’s this man’s JOB…he gets paid to push buttons and incite conversations. And he’s been good at it, good enough to land his own show that’s focused squarely on jawing, Pardon the Interruption.

Here’s how I would have handled it: First, as a company, I’d have approached Hannah Storm. Find out just how offended she was. Now maybe ESPN did this, but I have to go with what’s been reported, and no one has reported that this happened.

If Storm said she really didn’t mind the comments, then you probably let Kornheiser stay on day-to-day. Maybe he apologizes on-air. Or maybe, if Storm is a good sport, she comes on the show and rips Kornheiser’s wardrobe…or baldness. But straight out suspension? Seems extreme to me. This wasn’t Imas making racially inappropriate comments. It was a professional agitator having a bit of fun with someone’s clothes. Get over it, America.

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