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Time to trade Ricky

The Minnesota Timberwolves should trade Ricky Rubio. Now.

The Wolves shouldn't wait on trading Ricky Rubio (Photo credit: Getty Images)

In in the interest of blog brevity, I’ll get right to my points. They’re good, so they won’t need much explaining:

  • His value is up — Even though his numbers weren’t overwhelming, he did lead his team to the Euroleague championship recently. And by most accounts, he is getting stronger and improving his game while overseas.
  • The Wolves might get the No. 1 pick — Doesn’t sound like such a bad thing, but that pick almost certainly means the team lands John Wall, the consensus best player in the draft (I should note that I prefer Evan Turner. But that’s another thought for another post). If the Wolves end up with Wall, I do not see him meshing with Rubio. They’re both immensely talented, but they both need the ball in their hands and neither shoots that well. In other words, I don’t see either being an “off ball” player.
  • He’s not going to play in Minnesota anyways — Of course this is simply a prediction, but if it comes trues, all other thoughts on the subject are moot. If Rubio continues to turn down an opportunity to play in Minnesota (as he did very pointedly after last year’s draft), the Timberwolves will obviously have gotten nothing for their pick. Or in other words, Will Avery.

There. I’ve said all I have to say.


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Oh brother…

I’ll be brief. The Minnesota Timberwolves acquired Darko Milicic. Somewhere, Luc Longley chuckled to himself. And Paul Grant rolled his eyes. And Ndubi Ebi…

Need I go on? How about I just post this ESPN column from 2003…boy was Darko good. Before he played a game, of course.

In the words of Twitter, #fail. #EpicFail

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The schedule game

Because I have time on my hand…and because you’re interested…here are the remaining schedules for the three AL Central teams, the winning percentage of those on the schedule, and the Central team’s record against.

Twins: 3 vs Baltimore, 3 vs Texas, 3 vs Chicago, 3 at Cleveland, 4 at Toronto, 3 vs Oakland, 3 vs Cleveland, 3 vs Detroit, 3 at Chicago, 3 at Kansas City, 4 at Detrot, 3 at Royals (.468 avg winning percentage, Twins 35-32 against)

White Sox: 4 at Boston, 3 at New York, 3 at Minnesota, at Cubs, 4 vs Boston, 2 vs Oakland, 3 at Anaheim, 3 at Seattle, 3 vs Kansas City, 3 vs Minnesota, 3 vs Detroit, 3 at Cleveland, 3 at Detroit (.511, 42-40 against)

Tigers: 3 at Anaheim, 4 vs Tampa Bay, 3 vs Cleveland, 3 at Tampa Bay, 3 vs Kansas City, 4 vs Toronto, 3 vs Kansas City, 3 at Minnesota, 3 at Cleveland, 3 at Chicago, 4 vs Minnesota, 3 vs Chicago (.491, 31-26 against)

Twins have the easiest schedule remaining on paper, but the Tigers have had the best success against their remaining opponents. A 4-game series between the Twins and Tigers in the Motor City Sept.28- Oct.1 could be the most important series left, although the Sox and Tigers still have two big 3-game sets to play.

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Recently, the Milwaukee Brewers stirred things up a bit by sending down their SS, shipping out a utility player and firing the pitching coach. Happy trails, J.J. Hardy, Bill Hall and Bill Castro.

Of course, the shakeup opens room for some prospects, including the highly touted Alcides Escobar.

The move may be the proverbial white flag, but at least it gets some young guys a look in the bigs. The question I will pose here is: Should the Twins follow suit? And if so, who goes down/gets cut, and what prospects get a shot? I’ll leave this up to you…comments are welcome and wanted!

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The Twins released 2B Mark Grudzielanek Tuesday, less than a month after he was signed to a minor league deal. According to the Star Tribune, the veteran infielder said the Twins “just wasted my time” in a text message (side note: I still think it’s cool anytime a news story gets a quote from a text or Twitter).

Grudzielanek could have helped the team (when you’re replacing Nicklexi Puntsilla, you can’t hurt the cause), but it wasn’t meant to be.

However, the short tenure did get me thinking: What are some of the other most notorious short stays in MN sports? In no particular order:

*Paul Grant– Played six career games for the Timberwolves after being selected 20th in the 1997 draft. On a positive note, he scored a career high six points in a game once, but that was in 2004 for Utah.

*Brock Lesnar– Before becoming the bad boy of UFC, the former University of Minnesota heavywight wrestling champion had a preseason stint with the Minnesota Vikings. It didn’t last long, but he did get in more fights per practice than any player in modern NFL history. These days he’s quite successful…and probably flipping someone off as we speak.

*(Sir) Sidney Ponson– His royalty made seven forgettable starts for the Twins in 2007, posting an ERA just south of 7.00. He has redeemed himself somewhat in these parts 2009 by stinking it up for divsion-rival Kansas City. Gotta love when former Twins bring other teams down.

(Dis)honorable mention: Will Avery, Dimitrius Underwood, Ndudi Ebi, Adam Everett (or Mike Lamb or Livan Hernandez. You choose), Juwan Howard and Vin Baker

Collegiate (dis)honorable mention: Rick Rickert, Kris Humphries, Gary Russell

EDITOR’S NOTE: The way Quentin Richardson has been shipped around this off-season, look for him on this list soon. Also, I put this list together quickly, so I surely missed some good ones. Please give me some feedback…what are some other notoriously short relationships in MN sports? How about in American professional sports?

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Heard an interesting thought on KFAN the other day, and I wanted to expound on it now that reality has set in.

Forgot who was on-air, but the thought was this: If Favre either pulled back right before camp, or, worse yet, a week or two in, would he actually be hated MORE in Minnesota than before?

Hard to imagine Favre being hated more in Minnesota then he was while being a perpetual Viking killer, but I think he has outdone himself. He led the Vikings on, and like that cute girl you never had a chance with, crushed their hearts. Now, the Vikes have a fractured team, a QB mess, and a fan base that was ready to annoint the Purple Super Bowl champs…provided a certain #4 was on board.

Favre will ride off into the sunset, while the Vikings are left to pick up the pieces and, more than likely, move to L.A. or elsewhere in a few years. This dagger is worse than all those TD passes and all those combacks Favre had against Minnesota. You know, the ones ESPN are showing ad naseum right now? There is no rest for the tortured Viking fan’s soul.

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